Pilates Class Times

Monday 6am
Monday 5:30pm
Friday 6am
Additional class times coming soon.

Pilates Mat:

The exercises are usually done in a specific order, one right after another. The movements have names, like “Footwork,” Hundreds,” the “Teaser,” and “Boomerang.”

The moves may look simple, but they take a lot of precision and control. It’s not like doing a bunch of crunches; there’s a strong emphasis on technique

My Pilates class typically takes an hour.

You’ll get stronger, more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility. You may also have better posture and a better sense of well-being.

Plan on doing this a few days a week, in addition to crossfit.

Intensity Level

It’s demanding… It’s all about concentration and breathing. But you’ll definitely feel it in your muscles during each exercise.

Areas It Targets

Core: Yes. Your core is the main focus of this workout.

Arms: No. This workout doesn’t specifically target your arms.

Legs: Yes. You’ll use your upper legs to help engage your core.

Glutes: Yes. You’ll use your glutes as you work on moves that stabilize your core.

Back: Yes. This workout focuses on stabilizing and strengthening your back as you strengthen your abs.

What to expect:

To Breathe
A great part of Pilates focuses on breathing, and I will emphasise this during exercises. Listen to these instructions and breathe out and in at the correct times. This will make your movements and exercises more efficient and effective. Focus on your breathing and avoid holding your breath during any exercise – this will starve your muscles from oxygen and your exercises won’t be as effective as they should be.

Find your Belly and your Spine

One of the first things you will learn in Pilates class is the “Belly Button to Spine” concept. This means that your posture will require you to draw your navel towards your belly in all the exercises, and this strengthens abdominals and core muscles. Keep your belly engaged with your spine at all times, and this will help to improve your posture, especially if you suffer from backaches.

Learn to stretch
Before or After Crossfit you may just want to lie there and relax, but it is vital to stretch during this time. Here a counter-stretch is used to promote the lengthening of muscles and to increase flexibility. This means that you will achieve more elongated and toned muscles, instead of building bulk.


Flexibility: Yes. The exercises in a Pilates workout will boost your flexibility and joint mobility.

Aerobic: No. This is not a cardio workout.

Strength: Yes. This workout will make your muscles stronger. You’ll use your own body weight instead of weights.

Just Keep Coming to Class

It’s not all going to fall into place after the first Pilates class! You have to keep at it. Work regular sessions into your schedule for the best results and keep at it! You will be able to feel the benefits of your exercises before you can see them, and it is all worth it!

Pilates is for EVERYONE! EVERY AGE… EVERY BODY TYPE…. Don’t be fearful or hesitant to try something new! This will be your missing link to your training!


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