Beginners Course

Beginners Course

What You Need to Know

RPP Fitness is bringing Great Falls the most inclusive and informative CrossFit beginners course.

Have you heard about CrossFit and thought “this could be fun, but I’m too out of shape for this?” Or thought “man I need to get in better shape before I try it?” CrossFit workouts can seem pretty intimidating. None of these thoughts should prevent you from trying CrossFit at RPP Fitness. The great thing about RPP Fitness is, we are here to get you in shape by utilizing CrossFit and other fitness models. By training here you will receive World-Class, passionate coaching and programming from one of the most experienced coaches in Montana. This course is programmed to familiarize you with all movements while introducing you to performing the movements safely under load with intensity. RPP Fitness’ beginner’s course will teach you proper technique and how to safely scale the workout to your current ability; so anyone at any fitness level can perform CrossFit at RPP Fitness and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

If you have looked into CrossFit and think it might be for you then you have probably realized that there is an element of Power and Olympic lifting as well as Gymnastic and aerobic movements that are key to the development of a well-rounded CrossFit athlete. This is why it is imperative that you receive the small-group coaching from the beginner’s course. Your coach will go through each movement repeatedly until you can perform each movement safely and efficiently, then after these movements are taught you will perform your Workout of the Day, or WOD.


In order to undertake CrossFit workouts safely it is important to first understand the basic principles of Power/Olympic lifting and how to apply this to a CrossFit workout.  Technique is essential for each different movement and during the range of beginner classes we will take you step by step through each of the movements guiding your progress to make sure you get the most out of your future workouts.

Our head coach, Christian Nichols, has devised 6 classes or modules that break down the elements that you need to learn in order to carry out the majority of CrossFit workouts.  Throughout modules 1-4 you will cover all of the basic aspects of CrossFit and examine some of the lifts for yourself.  In modules 5-6 we look at some of the more advanced techniques using your new skills learned in previous modules.  You can start your training at any time with any module from 1 to 4 but the skills in Modules 5 & 6 require the foundations learned in modules 1-4.  You may not attend modules 5 and 6 until you have completed modules 1, 2, 3 & 4. You must have completed all 6 modules at least once in order to participate in all main workout classes, however exceptions may be made based on prior experience and knowledge.

Our main CrossFit class is ran simultaneously so you also get the opportunity to see the main class workout.  Generally you will be training with 1-4 other people in your class guided by one of our fully qualified CrossFit Coaches.

  • Module 1         ‘Air’ Squat / Push-up / Pull-Up progressions / Burpee / Workout
  • Module 2         Deadlift / Med Ball Squat Clean/ Wall Ball / Workout
  • Module 3         Press/ Push Press / Thrusters / Workout
  • Module 4         Back Squat / Front Squat / Overhead Squat / Workout
  • Module 5         Kettlebell Swing / Power Clean / Squat Clean / Work Out
  • Module 6         Power Snatch / Snatch / Workout

The objective of all of the beginner classes is:

  • To teach skills required to complete CrossFit workouts safely
  • To show scaling methods & techniques for CrossFit
  • To introduce to the intensity of CrossFit workouts
  • To gain a relationship with the RPP Coaches
  • To have fun & meet other gym members!

RPP Fitness will run the beginner course by Appointment. Additionally, RPP will offer a $75, non-refundable, all-inclusive accelerated beginner’s class on the third Saturday of each month. This class will be used in lieu of skipping the 6-day Beginner’s Course and upon completion the client will then have the option of signing up for membership with the $50 payment applied toward the fees. Class will start at 8:00am and end between 11:00 and 12:00.

Your first class is always free with no obligation to continue, unless you decide to only attend the Saturday accelerated class and not attend the 6 day beginner course. This class will cost $75, with $50 being applied to your monthly fee if you decide to continue.  We have several offers depending on your requirements for the final five modules including pay-as-you-go for each session or pay in advance for modules 2-6 for a discounted rate.  Don’t forget we also run our accelerated course once a month.

Coaches Involved

Christian Nichols

RPP Fitness Owner & CertifiedCoach

Alex Calvi

Certified Fitness Coach

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