What People Are Saying About Us

“The best, most motivating place to work out in the entire area. I love the people, coaches, & atmosphere. If you have trouble getting results, or motivation to live a healthy, athletic life… THIS is where you start! Coaches are caring & incredibly knowledgeable! Love this place!”

Stephanie Frick

Member & Pilates Instructor

” I would recommend RPP Fitness to anyone who genuinely wants to make positive changes in their life! Changes in everything from strength, stamina, nutrition, and mental toughness. The coaches are real! They work to make you a better version of yourself!”

Jason Furr

Competitor Member

“Before I found RPP Fitness I worked out sporadically, but nothing held my attention. Now, I look forward to working out and what I’m going to accomplish each day. I would recommend RPP Fitness to anyone who is looking for results in their work outs! I would also recommend the CrossFit kids class to every kid around. They get an incredible workout but they are having fun while they are doing it.”

Erin Furr


“What I love most about RPP Fitness is the COMMUNITY. Everyone is supportive and cheering you on. I haven’t felt an ounce of judgment from anyone, which allows me to just focus solely on my personal goals and encouraging those on around me. I would recommend RPP Fitness to anyone who is looking for an intense workout with personal support they are lacking from the gym. It’s designed for anyone but takes a certain person who is accountable and wants the best for themselves– Those are the people who get the most out of RPP CrossFit.”

Greg Goldin


“Thank you RPP fitness for providing a fun and challenging program! I have never been this healthy and happy. All I had to do was make the simple decision to start. RPP provided everything else. It was the best decision I’ve ever made regarding my physical fitness.”

Adam Elliot


“Before I found RPP Fitness I had just moved here from Ellensburg, WA. Was advised to try out all the gyms in town and pick the gym that I like the best! Before I found RPP I had major mobility issues and was eating fast food every day! What I love most about RPP Fitness is the tremendous amount of knowledge between the entire staff and the genuine desire for us to achieve our fitness goals. I’ve learned quite a bit about taking care of myself outside of the gym. RPP has the resources to truly have a positive impact on your physical well-being, whether you are an absolute beginner, or have good experience. Just try them out!!”

Doug Rogers


“It’s been a couple of years since my journey into Crossfit began, and I am still by no means a top athlete – in fact, I still don’t even compete. I continue to modify workouts on a regular basis to meet my abilities and needs. I can now at least tell you what a WOD is. But at the 18-month mark of working out with the highly supportive, patient, kind, and skilled coaching staff at RPP, I received a phone call directly from my doctor, excited to inform me that the bone density in my spine had increased by 7% compared to the scan results of 24 months prior. “You realize this is pretty remarkable” were the physician’s words. The only real change in my lifestyle during this time frame correlating with this significant improvement was joining and actively engaging in the work of RPP. The excellent coaching staff, who do all they can to create a welcoming and supportive environment, have literally allowed me to achieve a level of health I once did not think possible. I can now say without any hesitation that Crossfit can and is for anyone – no matter your season of life, background in lifting or gymnastics, or physical health status.”

Jamie Wyatt Marshall


“Very knowledgable coaches that emphasize good form. I’ve tried numerous programs/gyms in the past and this one is the real deal. The coaches here don’t chose random workouts. They’re carefully thought out and planned, not to mention scaled to everyone’s ability level. Everyone here is very encouraging, wants you to succeed, and be the best version of yourself! C’mon out and give it a try! We’d love to meet you!!”

David Nierzwicki


“I may not have been at RPP for very long, but I wish I would have made the investment a lot sooner! The coaching is really amazing and I just feel way better about my efforts! I really can’t wait to see what a year at RPP does! I learn something new almost every day: Strength, nutrition, life … I seriously love it!”

Nicole McAdam


“When I started I weighed 335lbs. I was running and lifting weights. While I started feeling better, I wasn’t getting any tangible results. After starting at RPP, my endurance has improved, strength improved, I’ve lost 40lbs and continuing to loose, I have muscle definition in some areas, and gone down a pant size. After a previous injury I never thought I would be able to do some of the things I can do now. The coaches have made sure I improved everytime in a safe manner.”

Chris Noris