Stephanie Frick


Pilates Mat- Level 5
Pilates Apparatus- Level 3
2 Years Apprenticeship with Master Instructor
Other certs:
AFFA Group Fitness & Spin


Pilates is an “assistance” to crossfit and any other sport or athletic activity. It can be used as recovery as well as strength. It is essential for Spinal Health and all over muscular and skeletal flexibility.


I started my fitness journey after the birth of my daughter at the age of 23. I began as a “cardio bunny”, running and cycling myself into the ground. While training for my second marathon, my body was tight, overused, and exhausted. I was getting injury after injury. I was introduced to Pilates, and it has changed my life. Incorporating Pilates with Crossfit has been the most incredible my body has ever been. Not only has the combination of the two made me immensely stronger, it has made me more confident. Being injury free and in the best shape of my life in my 30s, is amazing to me. I want everyone to experience this for themselves; Strength and Confidence!


I grew up on a ranch & farm near Choteau Montana, and learned how to work hard at an early age. The oldest of 3, we fed cows & sheep every morning before school. Wasn’t involved in sports in high school or college, so starting my fitness career in Las Vegas with a brand new baby was so exciting. After almost 4 years in Las Vegas, we made the move back to family here in Great Falls. Doing every type and form of exercise, led me to where I am now, at RPP Fitness. Here, I Instruct Pilates to be a great alternative form of recovery for Crossfit.

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