Christian Nichols


CFL1 2009
CFL2 2015
CF Kids 2016
Air Force Personal Trainer

Associates in Leadership Instruction


I have been married to the woman of my dreams, Jinnie since 2004 and became a father in 2006 to my beautiful daughter, Kylie, then again in 2008 to my mini-me Christian Jr who goes by Deuce. I was in the Active Duty Air Force for 13 years before pursuing my dream of owning a gym. These past 3 years have been challenging yet so rewarding because of the opportunity to change people’s lives from the inside out.

“Christian has helped me with: proper form thru and thru. He knows where to gauge me in terms of weight and pushes me enough to max my workouts. The amount of support and patience he has in me is priceless.” – Greg Goldin

“Christian has helped me with providing a professional program that I don’t have to worry about organizing. It’s all prepared, I just show up, hard work hard, and feel great!” – Adam Elliot

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